About the COVID-19 situation

Hello dear supporters,
Since 15.04.2020 it was announced that significant events are not allowed to take place until July 31st. Like many others, we are facing the end of our existence and have spent many hours to see how we can continue and if it is even possible.
We have to cancel 60% of our events, and for us, it is a challenging situation, we have unfortunately not had the chance to do any events this year, and we are not getting any help from the government. We have to see for ourselves to get along, but we don’t want to let you down and want to celebrate together again after this difficult time and make good memories. We have decided to take our last chance to postpone several events. The events we will be doing this year are the following ones:

15.08.2020: Urban Rave (Free Entrance)
05.09.2020: Lost Paradise Festival 2020
25.09.2020: OMNYA – House Music Festival
30.10.2020: 7 Years Lauter Unfug Halloween Edition
18.12.2020: The Big Rave Odyssey

The validity of the tickets for the event purchased in advance will remain valid. For us, asking donates is not the right way to go, and we hope for solidarity, if someone wants to support us, you can buy the tickets for our events in advance or not immediately ask for the refund of the money of the tickets already purchased.

We hope for your understanding and hope that we can celebrate and have fun together again soon!

Take care of yourself and those around you.

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