GENERAL TERMS Last Updated: 17th Feb. 2018

The aim of is to facilitate the purchase of event tickets in the best and fastest way possible. The following terms are meant to help and guide you through this process and make sure the process has been satisfactory.

Purchasing tickets

Each ticket is subject to the Lauter Unfug terms. Lauter Unfug reserves the right to exclude any punter for bad behavior or any misconduct that might damage the venue, threaten other punters or rise any security issue. Entrance to a show might be refused if the punter does not comply to security measures in place in the respective venue (ie: security searches).

No entry is allowed under age of 18!

It is your responsibility to provide the correct information during the purchase process (Name, Family Name, email, etc). Once you have received your tickets, please check upon reception for any errors in this regard, as well as Artist, date and venue.

The purchase is confirmed only once an order number (order ID) has been allocated to your purchase after hitting the “buy now”-button on The order ID is allocated once the payment has been duly received and the order and purchase is only complete once the payment has been received.

Regarding seated shows and relevant seating charts, please note that venue representations on are mere graphical representations and do not represent venues to scale.

Show information

Lauter Unfug provides all show-relevant information found on venue, acts, line-up, show schedule (times doors, support, main act) and is responsible to provide any updates. Please note that this show related information is subject to change and may vary from the information printed on the ticket at the time of purchase. Before coming to the show, punters are to check on further media outlets (artist websites, venue/promoter social media and webpages, daily press & radio) if there have been any of these changes.

Ticket price

The final purchase order price includes the face-value of the ticket(s), relevant pre-sale tax and order fee as well as applicable VAT. All additional costs (pre-sale tax and order fee) to the face-value will always be clearly mentioned during the purchase process and will vary from one show to another. Besides VAT, no further costs will be added. The final ticket price is due upon placing the order. The offered payment methods may vary, the main methods being MasterCard/Visa as well as Digicash.

The amount of tickets per order may be limited in order to limit secondary ticketing and ticket scalping/touting. The maximum amount of tickets that can be purchased per order is indicated during the purchase process. If one punter exceeds this limit with more than one order, may cancel the orders and the relevant tickets will not grant access to the venue. These measures are implemented in order to counter ticketing touts.

Ticket delivery & Scanning

Once the payment has been duly received, the order is confirmed and tickets are sent via email to the address provided during the order process. It may take up to 1 hour for this email to be generated. Please get in touch via in case you should not have received your tickets 48hours ahead of the show. If you wish to do so or require any further info, please provide all relevant information including the order ID, email address and full name.

The email contains a PDF document containing your tickets. Reading and printing requires the latest version of the Adobe reader. Each page of this document is one ticket. Each ticket contains a QR code which allows one entry per scan. Tickets may be printed (in B&W or color) but can also be presented and scanned on your smart phone (in B&W or color).

Re-admissions are not allowed and security personnel is entitled to search ticketholders and their belongings.

Unauthorized resale & stolen tickets

Each ticket contains a QR code which allows one entry, the first ticket to be presented, per scan. We strongly advise not to post your ticket on social media or any publicly accessible webpage.

You agree not to sell, reproduce, alter or counterfeit the ticket for any reason. Unauthorized duplicated, counterfeited, sold, resold, or copied tickets may be canceled without compensation. We reserve the right to deny any of the privileges attached to the purchase of the tickets to anyone that we determine has or has been in violations with the present terms and policies.

The ticket is a revocable license and admission may be refused upon refunding the face value of the ticket. Unlawful resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Tickets purchased from unauthorized sources or ticket touts may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so are void. will prosecute any ticket counterfeiters.

A ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, and is valid only for the event for which it is issued.

A ticket is not redeemable for cash.

Cancellations and refunds

Bought tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded on simple request. Stolen, destroyed or lost tickets are not refunded. Please keep your tickets in a safe place. Tickets containing a bar code or QR code are not to be published on the www, social webpages or any other public places.

The event date, time and venue are subject to change without notice. Date, billing or venue changes are not a valid reason for a refund. Ticketholders are requested to inform themselves before commencement of travel if a show is going ahead as planned. The website as well as our social media is being updated regularly in this regard. will refund tickets ONLY if an event is cancelled in its entirety. The promoter will take the final decision whether the show is cancelled and the tickets refunded. Refunds for rescheduled events will be provided only with promoter’s approval.

In case a show is canceled, the ticket will be refunded automatically onto your credit card account used to place the order. In the event of a refund, any expenses such travel expenses incurred by the punter in order to attend the show are not being reimbursed. Depending on the payment method chosen during the order process, you may be contacted to provide your banking details.

Only the face value of the ticket is subject to a refund (that does not include presale tax or system fee).

If issued complimentary, your ticket shall not be exchangeable and will not entitle you to a refund.

We urge ticketholders to inform themselves before commencement of travel to a show and check if the concert is going ahead as planned. The website as well as related socials are being updated regularly in this regard.


If the amount you pay for a ticket is incorrect, or if you are able to order a ticket before its designated on-sale date, or if you are able to order a ticket that is not supposed to be available for sale, shall have the right to cancel that order or ticket and refund to you the full amount that you paid, including fees.

General stuff

In addition to complying with all applicable regulations, you also may not

  • Use for any unlawful or commercial purpose,
  • collect information about other users of,
  • order a number of tickets for any event that exceeds our ticket limitations for that event,
  • use the for commercial purposes without our prior written consent

As contains a series of links to other webpages and resources which are not under our control cannot be held responsible for their content, advertising, products or services on them.

As you attend the show..

By attending a show and being part of the audience, you are aware that you may be recorded, filmed or photographed. The use of professional cameras and/or sound equipment is prohibited during the show.

As you enter the venue, you and your belongings may be subject to a security search. You hereby consent to such a search and waive any claims that may arise from such searches. Depending on the venue, you may not be allowed to bring and/or use the following to a show: laser pointers, mobile phones, animals, bottles, glass containers, alcohol, drugs, recording devises, cameras, containers, food, umbrellas, objects that could be used as weapons or projectile, etc. Each venue may have their own set of house rules to which you hereby comply.

Legal may investigate and press charges against any violation of the present terms and policies. A delay in such action shall not be deemed a waiver of such charges.

Should there be any term or policy that is being found invalid by a jurisdiction or court, you agree that all other terms and policies remain in effect.

The terms and policies of this agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of Luxembourg.

All the content on is copyrighted © 2019 Lauter Unfug a.s.b.l.. All rights reserved. The content (or excerpts of it) may not be copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any manner without the express written consent.


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